'Change Is In The Air' by Brussels Airlines

Will flying be just like before? And… does it really have to be just like before? Brussels Airlines is using this crisis as an opportunity to rethink the future of flying.
June 9th 2020 | Our Work

'A Low Profile Launch' by BASE

Launching a new mobile plan while everybody’s forced to stay home isn’t the best timing. But when they had no choice, BASE chose to keep things real.
June 9th 2020 | Our Work

‘Stay Home Save Up 2.0’ by Engie

After all the energy-friendly chores are done, how can Engie still provide valuable content that stays on brand?
May 18th 2020 | Our Work

‘Don’t Eat It, Complete It’ by McDonald’s

When you can’t come to McDo, McDo will come to you. In the form of our favourite quarantine pastime, that is.
May 11th 2020 | Our Work

‘Vriendschap Kent Geen Beperking’ by De Genereuzen

Who sings together, stays together, even when we have to be apart. With that in mind, De Genereuzen and their lovely community launched this heartwarming morale boost.
May 11th 2020 | Our Work

‘De Helden van Corona’ by JOE

As a big thank you to the people who keep the country running during this lockdown, Joe took over the name of these everyday heroes.
May 11th 2020 | Our Work

‘#MoveSafe’ by NMBS/SNCB

Travel safely! A common saying that gained a lot more meaning these last weeks. And one that our national railway company wants to communicate in a human and straight-forward way.
May 4th 2020 | Our Work

‘#SamenErdoor 2.0’ by Telenet

After trying to help people cope with the digital challenges during the lockdown, Telenet now added a new layer to the campaign: celebrating our resilience and creativity.
May 4th 2020 | Our Work

‘Brussels by Webcam’ by Telenet Brussel

Our lively capital became completely desolate due to the lockdown. Telenet showcased the connections that were still tangible, even behind closed doors.
May 4th 2020 | Our Work

‘Horeca Keep Your Drive’ by MINI

How can a car- and lifestyle brand be useful to businesses who want to keep going but perhaps lack the resources to do so?
April 24th 2020 | Our Work

'Stay Home Save Up' by ENGIE

You know those chores you postponed until the end of time? The time has come. And ENGIE is here to help.
April 16th 2020 | Our Work

‘Warm Message in a Bottle’ by Cécémel

Even when people can’t come together to share a drink anymore, the country’s most heartwarming beverage will find a way to contribute to the feeling of solidarity.
April 9th 2020 | Our Work

‘Café Courage’ by AB Inbev

The lockdown brought a sudden stop to Belgium’s favourite pastime: going out for a beer. AB Inbev lends a helping hand to those who can no longer serve us our pintjes.
April 9th 2020 | Our Work

‘The Essential Test Fleet’ by BMW

When driving is restricted to essentials only, BMW decided to put their cars at the disposal of those who are essential to our community now.
April 9th 2020 | Our Work

‘Solidarity’ by Delhaize

A time of crisis is a pivotal moment for Delhaize to show that they truly are ‘Mee met ‘t leven - Du côté de la vraie vie’. It wasn’t even a choice, it was a given.
April 9th 2020 | Our Work

‘Samen Erdoor’ by Telenet

How can a telecom company help out everyone who is stuck at home? With the only thing they truly know: everything that’s internet and entertainment.
April 9th 2020 | Our Work

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