The Birth Of Kinder Cult

April 17th 2020

Being forced to spend all of our time at home has triggered adults to rediscover their inner child.

The Edge explained: Kinder Cult

Embrace your inner child. Pantone’s 2020 primary colours are straight out of kindergarten. On the catwalk, handbags have shrunk to doll-size. In furniture, this trend is dubbed “neotenic”—a scientific term that describes the juvenilization or slowing down of organisms. We translate it as joyful resistance to growing up, old rules and bleak times.

Why it is relevant now?

From puzzles to Play-Doh, time at home is giving us a chance to re-learn life’s simple, childlike pleasures. A recent rise in adult play has made Hasbro games a top seller on Amazon, with childhood favourites like Connect 4 and Clue making their way back into game night.

What if …

Your brand figured out the family-friendly version of your product?


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