A Boost for Convenience Economy

April 30th 2020

From practical luxury to bare necessity. E-commerce is experiencing golden times. Can we expect drastic and lasting shifts in the demand and even the job market?

The Edge explained: convenience economy

We want it now. As people seek to fulfill their behavioral addictions, they increasingly rely on algorithms and smarter tech to not only deliver goods, services and entertainment in an instant, but to predict and send what we want before we even know what that is.

Why is it relevant now?

Widespread retail shutdowns and orders to Stay-At-Home are forcing us to rely on the Convenience Economy for all of our wants and needs. And, e-commerce giants are struggling to keep up with unprecedented demand. Once a luxury, on-demand delivery is now keeping countries functioning in a time of forced quarantine. As demand for food and medical delivery explodes, the Convenience Economy becomes essential work.

What if …

The Convenience Economy 2.0 — expanded, hygienically-heightened, and focused on delivering basic human needs— fueling new jobs or creating a different kind of demand?


An Edge is a cultural shift or cultural value where brands can identify insights and opportunities to play into. Edges provide direction on emerging and evolving cultural, consumer and category behaviour.

A Trigger is an accurate observation of a fact that occurs in the world around us, but that may be indicative of a possible macro shift in society in the short term or medium-to-long term.

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Laura De Deurwaerder Integrated Brand Strategist TBWA\Backslash

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