‘Café Courage’ by AB Inbev

April 9th 2020

The lockdown brought a sudden stop to Belgium’s favourite pastime: going out for a beer. AB Inbev lends a helping hand to those who can no longer serve us our pintjes.

The Challenge

Hospitality is highly impacted by the Corona crisis. Due to the lockdown measures many restaurants and bars are mandatorily closed. Bars need support, more than ever.

The Solution

Through Home of Beer, AB Inbev is committed to safeguarding the Belgian heritage and pub culture, taking its responsibility for Belgian society. To support Belgian bars during the lockdown, AB Inbev launched Café Courage, a digital platform where consumers can already order beers upfront at their favourite bars.

Café courage website

The Result

This resulted in more than 2 300 hospitality businesses registered, over 86K beers ordered upfront, which led to more than € 240K in beers and donations for Belgian pubs. Moreover, the initiative generated strong press coverage for AB Inbev.



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Laura De Deurwaerder Integrated Brand Strategist

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