‘De Helden van Corona’ by JOE

May 11th 2020

As a big thank you to the people who keep the country running during this lockdown, Joe took over the name of these everyday heroes.

The Challenge

Every day, health care workers, volunteers, cashiers, ... risk their own health and safety in order to help and care for others. Radio station JOE wanted to do something to thank these average class heroes and give them - and their colleagues - the recognition they deserve.

The Solution

To do so, JOE changed its name. A week-long people weren’t listening to JOE but to Anja, Stefaan, Caroline, … Each time highlighting a different sector - from emergency services to childcarers - and the effort they and their colleagues put in to keep things going.


The Result

Under the motto #TogetherAllTheWay, JOE and listeners were able to show appreciation and thank these people. This resulted in truly human stories and gained a lot of media coverage over the week.


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Laura De Deurwaerder Integrated Brand Strategist

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