‘De Verderkijkers’ by Telenet Business

June 23rd 2020

In difficult times, inspiration is key. Like a podcast in which 5 company directors talk about the future of business. An inspiring must-hear for all entrepreneurs.

The Challenge

Without a doubt, this pandemic has been hard on businesses and entrepreneurs. These tough times have put both big and small businesses under pressure, forcing them to find solutions and sometimes even totally rethink their way of working. This has left business owners and entrepreneurs with a lot of questions. What does this crisis mean for their future? What have I learned from? Which shortcomings became visible? What happens after this? Etc.

The Solution

Through inspiring conversations with business leaders from different fields, Telenet Business wants to help entrepreneurs find an answer to these questions and inspire them. How do they see the future? What have they learned from this and what was the role of digitization? These conversations are led by audio storyteller Eva Moeraert in partnership with Tijd Connect. Telenet Business puts five inspiring entrepreneurs behind the microphone; Marc Noppen, CEO UZ Brussel, Wouter Torfs, CEO Torfs, Jonathan Berte, CEO Robovision, Viki Geunes, chef restaurant Zilte and Martine Tempels, Executive VP Telenet Business. They shed a light on the biggest challenges ahead and share their insights and experiences.

Check out the first episode:

The Result

A compelling podcast series highlighting the biggest challenges entrepreneurs are facing today and how this will have an impact on the years to come. Positioning Telenet Business at the side of entrepreneurs and offering inspiring content that can help their businesses.

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Laura De Deurwaerder Integrated Brand Strategist

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