Digital Diet: Giving Content A Nutritional Value

June 23rd 2020

Digital content is to the mind what food is to our body. So why not give it labels to help us create balanced digital diets?

The latest nutrition fad is all about improving your digital diet. Digital content is being given a nutritional value. The idea stems from the fact that the online content we consume can emotionally impact us in the same way as the food we eat.
“Digital nutritionist” Michael Moskowitz is spearheading efforts to improve people’s digital nutrition. He is the CEO and founder of AeBeZe Labs, which has created tools — such as a digital nutrition table of elements, digital nutrition labels, and personalized digital nutrition plans — to help consumers create balanced digital diets. Moodrise, an app developed by AeBeZe Labs, delivers these tools to users through a mobile app, smart speakers, and mood-tracking widgets on Apple Watch.
Diets #vaporize as digitally-dosed mood meals become a way to improve wellbeing.

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