‘The Essential Test Fleet’ by BMW

April 9th 2020

When driving is restricted to essentials only, BMW decided to put their cars at the disposal of those who are essential to our community now.

The Challenge

Driving pleasure is the heartland of the BMW brand. In full lockdown and with severe traffic restrictions (“essential transport only”) this type of promise almost becomes obsolete. Key question: how can BMW speak up in a meaningful way during the crisis?

The Solution

Transporting our key professions is crucial and public transport isn’t able to fulfil all their transportation needs during the COVID 19 crisis. Starting from this simple observation BMW Belux takes a bold decision and puts their fleet of test cars at the disposal of hospital staff and care workers who are getting us through this crisis.


The Result

It goes without saying that the results of BMWs actions won’t be counted in terms of short term impact, but our acts now build foundations for a stronger BMW brand in the future. Moreover, BMW and TBWA’s approach also show that the BMW brand, clearly has a human and meaningful side.

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Laura De Deurwaerder Integrated Brand Strategist

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