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May 18th 2020

Everybody had to adapt in a blink of an eye to working at home. People quickly learned new skills and developed new habits. Some of them will change our way of working forever. To your organisation’s advantage, if you play it right.

It’s been two months since we had to adapt - very rapidly - our way of operating. The first part of working under COVID-measures passed by in a crisis state of mind; fully focused on a new way of working and trying to be as productive as possible. All while trying to find new habits and structure in this remote working mode. This new situation asked a lot from all of us regarding focus, effort and flexibility. The information overload, media clutter and predictions - mostly negative - towards the future, didn’t help.

To be honest: It’s time to kick out the restlessness and come out of our crisis mode.  We have to focus on finding peace of mind in what we are doing right now. Because “right now” will be the situation for the coming months.

So, let’s sit down, take a few moments and think about how we are going to settle in. It should not be too bad, not at all. We would like to share the learnings of the past two months. We hope it will inspire you to adapt your organisation too.

1. Listen & learn

Because of the rapid change, we trusted our gut and intuition to get organised. We also vocalized our needs much louder and faster than we would have done normally. And that’s great! Because of that, we changed our way of working in a blink of an eye. Now it’s time to put all these new experiences on the table, to really listen and focus on the needs and the conversations that are going on in your team or organisation. Try to tap in, to be responsive, and take away the key learnings. This is very valuable information to design your workflow for the future.

2. Working from home is not the new it-thing

But working with more flexibility will be. There will be life at the office space after COVID, absolutely. A place to collaborate, to share and to learn. The interesting part is that the possibility of home working raised the bar for the ideal work situation: less traffic jams, more work/life flexibility, improving your ecological footprint, more focus and a higher productivity. The combination of office and home working, that’s what we should be focusing on. What could work for your organisation? How will we bring in this new way of flexible working, bearing in mind our work schedules and the time we need to collaborate with others? Which systems do we need to make it all run smooth and flawless? Again, listening will give you great insights in what’s important for your team and where to put the focus.

3. Culture stays king

The culture of an organisation, the heartbeat, the way people work together, interact and react is an integral part of people’s job satisfaction. Culture grows when you bring people together. As an organisation, you work hard every day, on pushing it forward. Keep up the work and keep the focus. Stay connected with your people; make room to talk, to listen and to act. Even now, while working apart, togetherness is something you can create and own.

This period of time gives us the opportunity to observe, to learn and to future-proof our way of working. But let’s not forget to take it further step by step and to create peace of mind while changing our working habits.

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Sophie Steyaert Director of People

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