Extreme Remote Working: Are You Applying For A Digital Nomad Visa?

July 22nd 2020

As remote working becomes the new normal, we could do it anywhere in the world. Some countries cleverly picked up on this. Barbados anyone?

Why work from home when you could be working from the beaches of Barbados?

Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley is introducing a special travel visa which would allow visitors to stay and work remotely on the island nation for a year. The “12-month Barbados Welcome Stamp” aims to jump-start the island’s economy, which has been heavily hit by coronavirus restrictions. Tourism makes up a massive 40% of the island's GDP—with 2.4 million travellers spending $1.1 billion annually.

But Barbados isn’t the only country offering travel incentives during the pandemic. Last month, Estonia established the world’s first digital nomad visa—a similar policy to Barbados’. Cyprus has promised to cover all living and healthcare expenses for travellers who test positive for the virus while in the country. And, Italy and Greece are offering discounted airfare to attract tourists.

Countries look to revitalize tourism with #TravelRight initiatives for a new class of nomadic workers.

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