A Growing Need To Guide Us

May 11th 2020

How can brands properly cater to the search for guidance that is seen more and more in people these days, especially younger generations?

The Edge explained: Guide Us

Young people are searching for guidance in uncertain times and there’s a growing industry to help them do it. Millennials are hiring life coaches their own age who they feel can better relate to their issues. Astrology and personality tests are now modern markers of belonging and identity. And the self-help industry is getting younger and predicted to hit $13 billion by 2022. This generation is in a hurry to get their lives “right.” Brands can provide direction, reflection, or the space to be young and carefree.

Why is it relevant now?

Widespread fear is reigniting our reliance on scientific expertise. Over 5 million people in search of guidance tuned into last week’s Facebook interview with Dr Andrew Fauci, the U.S. medical official. Step aside, celebs and politicians, we want to hear from the experts.

What if …

Brands gave people access to true experts?


An Edge is a cultural shift or cultural value where brands can identify insights and opportunities to play into. Edges provide direction on emerging and evolving cultural, consumer and category behaviour.

A Trigger is an accurate observation of a fact that occurs in the world around us, but that may be indicative of a possible macro shift in society in the short term or medium-to-long term.

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