'A Low Profile Launch' by BASE

June 9th 2020

Launching a new mobile plan while everybody’s forced to stay home isn’t the best timing. But when they had no choice, BASE chose to keep things real.

The challenge

Normally, launching a new mobile plan with 16 GB would feel like exciting news to tell. But when people can’t go outside, they couldn’t care less about some new mobile plan with extra data, right? So how could BASE announce their new plan during the lockdown in a way that feels relevant for people’s current needs?

The solution

To be honest, we know that people may not need a new mobile plan right now.
Frankly, it’s probably the last thing on their mind. So instead of focusing on this new plan, we decided to keep things real and make a low-key campaign that focuses on what people really want right now. And if that’s not a new mobile plan with extra data? We’d completely understand. This somewhat unusual campaign was spread on TV, radio, posters and online.

The result

While brands are easily seen as opportunistic or insensitive when talking about their products during a crisis, BASE managed to cut through the clutter by recognizing the current irrelevance of its new mobile plan. By focusing on what people really need right now instead of highlighting the product, the brand managed to gain their sympathy, which is seen in the many positive reactions on social media.

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Laura De Deurwaerder Integrated Brand Strategist

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