‘#MoveSafe’ by NMBS/SNCB

May 4th 2020

Travel safely! A common saying that gained a lot more meaning these last weeks. And one that our national railway company wants to communicate in a human and straight-forward way.

The Challenge

After months of strict lockdown measures, Belgium is taking the first steps towards reopening businesses, stores and public life. These new unlock measures, like the mandatory masks on public transport and keeping distance, have implications on both public conduct and business operations. For SNCB this means guaranteeing traveller’s safety and hygiene by cleaning trains more rigorously and foreseeing enough space. But next to that, how can SNCB make sure people respect these rules? And at the same time proof that SNCB does everything to reassure people that taking the train is safe and ensure hygiene.

The Solution

A movement encouraging people to #MoveSafe. Not limited to taking the train but a new code of conduct applicable to every aspect of travelling. Wrapped in straightforward, human and clear communication. One that every traveller can understand through the universal language of icons. An attractive and human-centric language that is able to persuade people to follow the rules instead of imposing them.

“If we want people to adapt their behaviour and to follow safety measures, then we have to speak to them with human imagery that is easy to understand regardless of the language they speak.”
- Hendrik Everaerts, Creative Director Design TBWA

The Result

Six stylish icons, visible in every station, on trains and through all SNCB channels. Live only 36h after the announcement of the new rules, developed by a core team of TBWA and SNCB.

Icons NMBS

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Laura De Deurwaerder Integrated Brand Strategist

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