The Revival Of Expertise

April 15th 2020

It’s all fun and games until a pandemic hits your world out of nowhere. Suddenly “fake news” is more worrisome than ever and the only words we wish to hear are those formed and fact-checked by experts.

Before COVID-19 hit our world, some things had become fundamentally unserious. A luxury that was offered by a peaceful world, the absence of big worries, wars or shortages. A world where science was boring. Where fun was the new interesting. And influencing became a job.

This pandemic is changing this fundamentally. It has forced people into accepting that expertise matters. That transparent information, specific skills and facts are key to understanding a problem and finding the right solution.

Van Ranst

Until the pandemic arrived, it was easy to sneer at expertise. Today we are all analysing graphs, waiting for the new statistics at 11 am and listening to Van Gucht, André and Van Ranst as if they were preachers of a new religion. COVID made experts matter again.

It made us realise the relativity of opinions, unverified information, political influencing or emotional manipulation.

“The world needs experts, not opinions. Who needs influencers if you can have experts that know what to do.”
- Rudy Moenaert, Prof. Strategic Marketing

It will lead the world to a new seriousness. An opportunity for companies to become leaders of thought again. For banks to go back to their core function of supporting the economy. For governments to regain public trust. For technology to start making change for good. For disruptors to be taken seriously.

It set in motion a revival of expertise and a return to faith in institutions, the ones that preserve our liberties, oversee our national economy and lead us to the common good.

And most importantly it’s an invitation to leaders of all kinds to take back the lead, to guide and to make the world better than pre-COVID-19.

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Stéphanie Vercruysse Strategic Director

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