‘#SamenErdoor 2.0’ by Telenet

May 4th 2020

After trying to help people cope with the digital challenges during the lockdown, Telenet now added a new layer to the campaign: celebrating our resilience and creativity.

The Challenge

After the first shocks and readaptations of work and family life, people have now spent weeks and months at home. Some start to despair, but many show resilience and creativity. Telenet wants to show and celebrate the reality of two months of lock-down, through the eyes of people that are ‘getting through this together’  and are ‘more connected than ever’.

The Solution

To ensure its relevance, the platform got updated with new articles, videos and tips & tricks. Also visually the platform got an update. A new lay-out and design facilitates easy navigation giving the platform a fresh new look. Also a new TV spot was aired, the second in the self-filmed series.

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Laura De Deurwaerder Integrated Brand Strategist

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