Say Goodbye To The Work-Life Blur

April 20th 2020

We are more than what we do for a living. In times of lockdown and remote working, it is ever so important to have some clear boundaries of where work ends and leisure starts.

The Edge explained: Work-Life Boundaries

Work defined us, but we’re losing our religion. Say goodbye to work-life blur and hello to drawing the lines. People are starting to put work in a box that’s separate from the rest of their lives and decouple passion from paycheck. And progressive companies and governments are helping them do it, to remedy burnout and attract talent. You are not your job anymore. We’re looking for purpose elsewhere and new ways to self-actualize.

Why is it relevant now?

Indefinite work from home is intensifying the already blurred lines between personal-life and work-life. Stressed out and spread thin, parents struggle to find balance in this new reality. Life in lockdown has them juggling the roles of employee, parent, spouse, teacher, and housemaid. Without physical lines in the sand to demarcate work-time from home-time, a never-ending shift of five jobs erodes mental wellness.

What if …

Workplaces forcibly drew bold lines to blur the boundaries, helping prevent burnt-out employees?


An Edge is a cultural shift or cultural value where brands can identify insights and opportunities to play into. Edges provide direction on emerging and evolving cultural, consumer and category behaviour.

A Trigger is an accurate observation of a fact that occurs in the world around us, but that may be indicative of a possible macro shift in society in the short term or medium-to-long term.

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