‘Solidarity’ by Delhaize

April 9th 2020

A time of crisis is a pivotal moment for Delhaize to show that they truly are ‘Mee met ‘t leven - Du côté de la vraie vie’. It wasn’t even a choice, it was a given.

The Challenge

Delhaize has always put people at the heart of operations, hence their baseline: Mee met ‘t leven – Du côté de la vraie vie. During the last couple of weeks, we’ve witnessed how essential supermarkets actually are in people’s lives. We saw it as our societal responsibility to quickly adapt to this new normal and help our clients get through these rough times.

The Solution

For Delhaize, it was not the time to get overly creative. It was crucial to act genuinely on the essential things: solidarity, safety and health. A series of initiatives were initiated in the first hours of this horrible crisis.


  1. Offering a 5% solidarity discount to boost people’s purchase power.
  2. Launching early opening hours for the elderly (65+).
  3. Better servicing of medical staff and other key professions.
  4. Inspiring people to cook fresh meals with strong video content on our social channels. We partnered up with a bunch of star chefs who were quarantined themselves. Check Facebook or Insta: #samenkokendoetgoed
  5. Supporting local restaurants by handing out lots of resto vouchers.
  6. Collaborate with Decathlon to stay fit during the lockdown.

The Result

Although they got a lot of attention, it’s irrelevant to evaluate these actions in press mentions, likes or euro today. In times of crisis, real brands ask no questions, they show up and impact people’s lives. No ‘traditional image campaign’ will build our brand equity more than these actions.

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Laura De Deurwaerder Integrated Brand Strategist

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