‘Stay Home Save Up 2.0’ by Engie

May 18th 2020

After all the energy-friendly chores are done, how can Engie still provide valuable content that stays on brand?

The Challenge

Even if the lockdown measures are slowly being released, people and families are still spending a lot of time at home. Time to think about their house, their energy situation and the way to move to a smarter planet. The first series of ‘Stay Home Save UP” energy chores were a huge success and people massively started improving their homes. So, can we inspire them more? And give them tips for a house that is ready for a post-COVID world?

The Solution

Building on our invitation for people to ‘stay home and save up’, ENGIE and TBWA launched a new series of activities to improve the energy situation of your house. Brand-new ideas to experiment, learn and reduce our impact on the planet. Did you know that plants keep your house cooler? And have you considered a self-made rainwater irrigation system to keep our plants happy and our consumption to a minimum?

The Result

Our first series of energy chores were massively shared on social media. The Belgian do-it-yourself-community helped each other out with even more tips and tricks. This made us so happy that we decided to produce a second series, in the same short time frame as the first one. The authenticity of the content pushed our brand indicators to a record in the month of April. Encouraging signs that the Belgian population is making the best out of this crisis. We couldn’t be happier!

Check out the platform:

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Laura De Deurwaerder Integrated Brand Strategist

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