'Stay Home Save Up' by ENGIE

April 16th 2020

You know those chores you postponed until the end of time? The time has come. And ENGIE is here to help.

ENGIE - Stay Home Save Up

The Challenge

Corona is hitting our country hard. Home-working, the closing of schools and universities, the lock-down of stores and businesses and the restriction of social contact make people stay at home almost 100% of the time. Even if this is a challenge for the organization of families and businesses, there might also be an opportunity. An opportunity to take care of your home. Do what you postponed for a long time. Give your home a maintenance cure.

The Solution

To help people make the best out of their stay-at-home-time, ENGIE launches “Stay Home Save UP”, a platform full of tricks, tips and advice to do some energy-friendly chores in and around the home.
Finally, install that LED-lamps you bought. Defreeze your freezer to make it more energy-efficient. Do a little maintenance on your heater. Tips and tricks from ENGIE employees for everyone who wants to turn useless time into useful time. Good for your energy-savings and for a healthier planet.

The Result

A TV commercial to announce the initiative starring 100% ENGIE employees, a platform full of useful content and a social media strategy with a big reach. Resulting in applause from customers, handymen exchanging tips in social comments and a lot of new and returning visitors on the platform. But above all, a strong response to an in-the-moment insight, authentic and useful for every household in the country.


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Laura De Deurwaerder Integrated Brand Strategist

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