What happens when home becomes your whole world?

April 9th 2020

Home. It’s a theme as old as the ages, being put under the looking glass as it has become the new centre of our formerly global lives.

What do we notice?

As we settle into lockdown and get accustomed to life indoors, we’re starting to redefine what it means to live a meaningful life.

Our focus has shifted from the big world around us to the small world of our homes. From being connected to everyone to being connected to just family and friends. Putting more importance on life's simple pleasures and the rituals of home.

But this forced time at home is also challenging in many ways. For families it implies living, working, playing together 24/7 in the confinement of their homes. While single people are confronted with loneliness and growing anxiety.

This return to home has given brands the opportunity to to tap into new, redefined customer needs and behavior.

Apple & #atHome

Apple Shot on iPhone

Apple has evolved the #ShotoniPhone platform to #ShotoniPhone #atHome. It serves as a call to action for everyone at home to continue to pursue their creativity and share it with the world. #atHome will be part of an ongoing series that will include inspiration, creative briefs, and how-tos for how to be creative within our homes.

Case spotter:

Günther Van Lany Strategic Director

IKEA Belgium & Rediscover your home

Now that we’re spending the majority of our time inside, our homes have become the most important place in the world. That’s why Ikea wants you to rediscover your home. Perceive it in a way like never before and discover all the ways it can be; your home office, your private cinema, your favourite playground, …

Case spotter:

Sylvie Dewaele Head of Media Arts

Home Workout

Nike Run Club

To counter the stresses of the 24-hr news feed, people are using time in isolation to ritualise their time offline - with hobbies and pastimes that give them a sense of control and stability. Especially home workouts have become popular. Brands like Nike, Peloton, BasicFit & Decathlon and others were quick to react by offering free online classes and personal training sessions.

Case spotter:

Laura De Deurwaerder Integrated Brand Strategist

Mattel & Play Is Never Canceled

Mattel Play Is Never Canceled

Now that families are forced to stay inside, it’s the perfect time for them to reconnect and spend more meaningful time with each other. Toy manufacturer Mattel wants to help facilitate this and launched a free online platform with activities for children, parents and caregivers.

Case spotter:

Veerle Verlinden Junior Integrated Brand Strategist

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